Dental Crowns & Filling Composite Scalpel

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Working with composites for dental crowns and fillings often leaves excess material behind.  There is a new tool available for dentists to help get rid of this excess material. trimmers-02 Dental Trimmers is a one of a kind tool that helps dentists save time and doesn’t cause damage to either the teeth or gums.

Dentists have great leverage and control with this tool — plus it has unique features that make removing excess composite material easier. The best way to use this tool is to angle the cutting blade towards the teeth while checking to make sure that the tool is underneath the material.

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Dental Trimmers – Interproximal Composite Scalpel

The Dental trimmers new dentist tool is a scalpel that is used for trimming overhangs during dental restorations. This tool helps with torque and gives you much more leverage. Dental Trimmers can save you time when dealing with dentistry patients chairside.

To get this new dental tool, dental trimmers can be ordered directly from the manufacturer at this website.

Dentist: A New and Revolutionary Tool for Composite Trimming

Restorations are an important part of today’s modern dentistry. An important part of the restoration process for the dentist is trimming the excess composite material which can be difficult with standard dental tools. Dental trimmers is new and revolutionary way to trim composite in class 2, 3, and 4, restorations. This innovative device acts as a scalpel, and it is effective in trimming and smoothing the extra bonding material without causing damage to the teeth and gums and restored area. This smart device is equipped with a wide handle for control and leverage. Proper use of this instrument is done by placing the handle between the thumb and forefinger. The angular shape of the tool makes it easier to access hard to reach places.


One of the unique features that sets this helpful tool apart from similar devices is that it can work effectively on composite bonding material even after it has been cured. For effective use, slide the dental trimmer between the teeth, and angle the blade towards the tooth. Make sure that the tool is underneath the overhanging bonding material. When using the tool for planing action, make sure that to aim the tool towards the area where the upper teeth meet the lower teeth or toward the area where the incisors are located.

Other devices such as finishing strips are only good for polishing the restoration area. The strips are unable to remove the extra bonding composite. Other tools that claim to enable the trimming task, are not as effective as dental trimmers because they have small handles which do not provide enough torque for trimming hard to smooth areas. Within 10-15 seconds, dental trimmers can smooth the restored area as well as removing additional composite debris. When dentists purchase dental trimmers, they will immediately notice the positive results.

This unique tool was developed over 15 years ago. After becoming fed-up with tools that did not properly remove the excess material, he decided to develop a tool that would get the job done right. He found that the scalpel worked well on the front teeth; however, it did not perform as well on the back teeth. So he implemented the use of a wide handle and curved blade to get to the back teeth and other hard to reach areas.

Dental Restorations With Trimmers

Dental RestorationsSome authorities that recommend Dental Trimmers use them in Dental Restorations.  Dr Ron Jackson teaches restorative techniques around the country that use the tool.  He presents dental trimmers during his Composite Artistry Workshop.  Dr. Jackson has published many articles on esthetic, adhesive dentistry and has lectured extensively across the United States and abroad.

The dental trimmers tool is an excellent scalpel for trimming and smoothing interproximal overhangs of composite bonded dental restoration, providing significant torque, leverage, access and control.

Dental Trimmers at ADA Meeting and Regional Conventions

At the ADA Annual Meeting in New Orleans  in November 2013, Dental Trimmers demonstrated the dental trimmers product and gave away nearly 2,000 samples.  Many people were interested and gave positive feedback about the new product.

dental trimmers

The ADA Annual Session brings together leaders in dental practice, research, academia and industry to present hundreds of continuing education courses over four days.

Dental trimmers was also featured at the Western Regional Dental Convention in Phoenix in the first week of April, 2014 with a very warm reception.  Several speakers also discussed innovations in patient management and spam software during educational sessions.